Ease of Use


Float Effect
Winshot trains the digging technique, from any type of serves, thanks to the possibility to fire balls without spinning effects.

When the spinning of the throwing head 2 wheels is the same, then the ball is fired without rotation effect. The snug shape of the special rubber guarantees a large contact surface during firing and the maximum control of the desired effect.

Float Effect

With Winshot all the serves will be characterized by a floating effect while the trajectories could have various undulatory effects according to the pressure valve position and the air density above the court.

Float Effect


Spin effect
Winshot is able to give to the ball the desired spinning effect with an adjustment that gives different speed rotation to the wheel of the throwing head.

Spin effect

Winshot can fire the ball at speed equal or greater than 130km/h, equalling the power of the best service player in the world.

Top Spin

Winshot is a fantastic trainer: in fact there is no athlete in the world able to train his reception technique at this power without using a machine able to replicate without getting tired consecutive powerful serves.




Large range of serve speed: simple serves can be done for beginners and high speed serves, faster than most of the best servers now around.
For example, the serve speed of players such as Omrcen, Kazynsky e Marshall can seldom reach 130 km/h while Winshot can fire a ball up to 90 mph (140 Km/h) with a higher repeatability.

Winshot allows the trainer to replicate all the possible trajectories to manage all training needs.




Thanks to its aiming system, Winshot is able to effectuate a high number of serves into the same court area, with a success rate to reach a square meter target above 90%.

This accuracy helps beginners to improve their technical movement and the professionals to train, simulating in a repetitive mode, the specific actions of opponent players.
(Important note: the volleyball pressure greatly influences the serve quality; check that the pressure is as specified by volleyball rules, between 0,30 and 0,325 Kg/cm2)





One of the most interesting potential of Winshot resides in the capacity to simulate casual serves sequences to put even the best receiver in difficulty.
The training becomes, in this way, very motivating as it helps recreating real game situation, training reactivity, reflex and adaptation capability.
The trajectory range can vary up to 3 meters per side without moving the machine.
This solution was applied upon the request received from national team trainers.



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