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Square Wave

 Square Wave

To stimulate a muscle, it is necessary to apply a current capable of causing depolarization of cell membrane and its consequent contraction, by way of electrodes.
Research has demonstrated that stimulation is more effective and comfortable when current pulses are square and symmetric.
A square-shaped wave is better because:
- it releases the action potential of the muscle in a shorter period of time (vertical rump-up)
- it optimizes pulse effectiveness thanks to the larger area (more intensity in less time) of the square wave as opposed to other wave shapes.
In addition, the current must also be compensated (symmetric pulse shape) to avoid the polarization effects (ionophoretic) of electrical or chemical nature. Indeed, this current type takes on symmetrically-opposed positive and negative values whose result equals to zero, thus avoiding skin burn or rash. 


Auto Stim

 Auto Stim
The “AUTO STIM” feature, a registered patent owned by Globus, permits to execute a previously-executed program automatically, without having to change intensity. The intensity values set themselves automatically to the values used in the latest execution of that specific program. The customer can exit the “AUTO STIM” mode at any time and press the setting keys directly. “AUTO STIM” makes treatment management very easy, thanks to this memorization mechanism and its automatic parameter recall feature. 


Synchro Stim

 Sinchro Stim
The Syncro Stim feature lets you set the stimulation intensity on four different channels at the same time with only one button, on the appliances that have this feature.

This feature is particularly useful for advanced users or those who use the appliance frequently, because it brings stimulation intensity close to work values very quickly and it allows to fine-tune the intensity of each single channel. 



2 + 2 Stim


The 2+2 feature permits to have 2 machines in one and to:
- use 2 different programs simultaneously on 2 different body parts.
- stimulate simultaneously 2 people with 2 different programs.



Easy Program

 easy Program
The professional versions of the electrostimulator let you create and change new programs.

This function lets the professional user or the advanced user create their own programs with specific functions and characteristics.
The creation of a personalized program is easy and progresses by guided steps.
Parameters can be set to create programs including various phases with different types of stimulation.
The types of programmable stimulations vary according to the model.


Multi user

Electrostimulators are often shared by more than one person, as in the case of sports team players or clients of a physiotherapy center. In the light of this shared use, the special Multi user feature permits the machine to identify the different users (like a Personal Computer would) and differentiate between their “Last 10”, “Preferred Programs” and “AutoStim” sessions.

The settings of each user are stored and can be recalled any time a specific user comes back, thus offering a truly personalized appliance. 


Stim Lock

 Stim Lock

This function permits the user to block the appliance so that only saved programs can be executed.




This function permits to store the most used programs in a dedicated memory slot to recall them faster.


Run Time

 Run Time
This function permits to change pulse length, frequency and amplitude during the treatment.

Work Time

 Work Time
This function indicates the total time of use of the appliance in terms of stimulation.


Last 10

 Last 10

The last ten programs executed are kept in the memory of the stimulator, like in a mobile telephone, so that they can be re-executed quickly and easily.
The programs are stored automatically at the end of their execution.
After switching the appliance on, select “Last 10 Sessions” and confirm the desired program by pressing the OK button.
The “Last 10 Sessions” feature refers to a specific user.
Thanks to the select user (Multi user) function, different users can keep their electrostimulation sessions in the “Last 10 Sessions” memory feature. 

G Pulse

 G Pulse

The GLOBUS G Pulse treatments increase microcirculation and give the necessary energy to sustain cellular metabolism and protein synthesis of skin cells.

Preset Color