Isometric Method

The isometric method is a strength training system which is achieved through static muscle contraction: the muscle contracts and brings about the increase in strength in the tendon heads without any joint shortening and displacement. 

The isometric training is mainly used in functional rehabilitation because it permits to train muscles without straining the joint.

Isometric Training

The Kineo system, unlike the traditional isometric method, allows to perform an isometric activity controlling the work angle and the strength expressed by the subject in real time (biofeedback).

Kineo also allows to carry out isometric tests of functional evaluation and highlight, through the strength curve analysis, any inhibitions in the neuromuscular activation of the subject.



The Kineo Innovation in the Isometric Method


Control of Strenght and Work Angle in Real Time

With Kineo , you can define the angle of the isometric work and guide precisely on the point you want to test and train.
During the work, the force value reached by the subject is displayed in numeric and graphic form on the KineoTOUCH monitor.
Isometric ratio angle force

Neuromuscular Activation Test

One of the strong points of the Isometric Test is the slope of the strength curve which, together with the values of T30 – T50 – T90 – T100, permits to evaluate the quality of the Neuromuscular Activation and the recovery of the muscles involved.
Neuromuscolar activation isometric test
Isometric features
Comparison Table
   KINEO Intelligent Load    Traditional Isometric Method
Applicable load 0-220 Kg (reverse order) Limited possibilities
Angular Control YES Limited
Control of Strenght YES Only with special tools
Visual Feedback: Strenght YES NO
Training (programming) YES NO
Test (programming) YES NO
Test (programming) YES NO
Training Report Analysis YES NO
Charts and Curves YES NO



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