Isotonic Method


This is the most widely used method of training and it consists of bodyweight exercises or tools such as barbells, dumbells or muscle-building machines.

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Instead, the innovative Kineo system uses a motor and an electronic management system to generate a load that acts exactly like traditional weight but with total control of movement parameters. 


 Isotonic Kineo   Isotonic Kineo   Isotonic Kineo



The Kineo Innovation in the Isotonic Method


Biphasic Load

Kineo allows the use of different loads in the concentric and eccentric phases of the movement in order to achieve specific muscle adaptations and/or for additional security. 






Work With or Without Inertia

The Kineo system makes it possible to perform the movement with or without inertia: in the latter case, the displacement of the load requires an application of muscle strength throughout the movement, even in gestures characterized by great explosiveness.






Kineo Isotonic Features





   KINEO Intelligent Load    YO-YO ( fly-wheel )  Traditional Isotonic Method
Concentric and Eccentric workout YES  YES YES
 concentric and eccentric phases
VARIABLE LOAD during the concentric and eccentric phases YES NO NO
Load with/without Inertia YES NO NO
Visual Feedback (Strength, 
Speed, Power)
Training (programming) YES NO NO
Test (programming) YES NO NO
Training Report Analysis YES NO NO
Charts and Curves YES NO NO



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