Kineo System

Kineo:a revolutionary robotic machine





The load is in your total control !

Redefining the Concept of Rehab&Training

What until recently was still considered theories are now accepted practices thanks to our Kineo, a multitasking ergonomic platform that will give you the possibility to differentiate the activities of muscular work in a highly efficient and accurate way. Find out how!



The ultimate Training & Rehab machine

Everything changes with Kineo

More than 30 years of experience helped Globus invent a robotic machine which goes beyond all the traditional work methods for rehabilitation, functional recovery and training. Kineo is a radical solution that will change your way of working, making easy and possible what has always seemed difficult or impossible to accomplish. Kineo is the first machine which really makes neuromotor work intelligent. An unprecedented leap forward which makes it now possible to reach new incredible performance goals. And the limits are yet to be discovered.



Variable load


The load is in your total control. Make it variable during the movement.

Variable load

Kineo enables for the first time to program a variable load (curve of applied force) based on the actual strength that your user can express in the different angles of work. The load is lower at closed angles and progressively increases at more open angles.




Biphasic load


Beyond conventional methods. Differentiated work between eccentric and concentric phase.

Biphasic Load

Kineo is the only robotic platform that permits to differentiate the work load in the two movement phases: concentric and eccentric. This allows to optimize the training of strength and also to work with maximum loads in the concentric phase, because it reduces the load in the return movement.




Specialist in Eccentric Work

Test and Training

Think Eccentric

Kineo permits to train with supermaximal load totally safely and effectively. 

Kineo permits to carry out treatments for functional recovery by using a progressive load in the eccentric phase (elastic) thus avoiding to overload the joints at closed angles.




Total assessment

Test faster than ever. Quicker and better.

Total Evaluation


– Maximum Strength Test
– Isometric Balance Test 

– Power test / Progressive Load
– Concentric Maximum Strength Test
– Concentric Maximum Strength Balance Test
– Eccentric Maximum Strength Test 

– Maximum Strength Test
– Isokinetic Balance Test 

– Eccentric Strength Test
– Eccentric Balance Test





A unique platform for rehab and training



 Extraordinary rehabilitation machine 

Kineo Rehab

 Kineo is an extraordinary robotic machine for rehabilitation and functional recovery. Thanks to the extremely smooth operation of its moving parts, the comfortable resistance given by its robotic system and the total control of the work loads, the patient can be treated in a very safe, precise and effective way. The possibility to change the loads at different work angles avoids overloading the joints, so that the rehabilitation process is faster and more effective.




Revolutionary training machine


Kineo Training


The Intelligent Load will lead you to a new training dimension. We applied state-of-the-art science and technology to define a new standard for motor intelligence. Thanks to the user-friendly control interface KineoTOUCH, the work loads and the methods can be controlled very precisely. An immediate and clear feedback of the measured parameters can be easily displayed and stored for each user profile, in order to be analysed and assessed later on. Training sessions can now be finally varied, differentiated and optimized better than ever.




Preset Color