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The ultimate training&rehab machine: Everything changes with Kineo

Kineo is the first machine which really makes neuromuscolar work intelligent: an unprecedented leap forward which makes it now possible to reach new incredible performance goals.
And the limits are yet to be discovered...

Kineo is Specialist in Eccentric Work

Kineo is the only robotic platform that permits to differentiate the work load in the two movement phases: concentric and eccentric. This allows to optimize the training of strength and also to work with maximum loads in the concentric phase, because it reduces the load in the return movement.

Kineo is Variable Load during the Movement. (VLC)

Kineo enables for the first time to program a variable load (curve of applied force) based on the actual strength that your user can express in the different angles of movement. The load is lower at closed angles and progressively increases at more open angles.

Kineo is Viscous Water Training

Work in Water is universally recognized as the most appropriate method for prevention and functional rehabilitation for the fact that the load fits exactly to the real strength capacity of the subject.
The Viscous method uses the principle of the work in the water and makes it usable in a classic work stations.
Kineo fact allows to carry out a training viscous type in which the actual value of the load is determined by two factors closely related:
- Viscosity level set on the machine;
- Speed of movement during the exercise.
In addition to this, Kineo offers the possibility to choose well 6 levels of viscosity thus simulating a job in various fluids such as water, oil, honey, etc. which correspond to different levels of muscular effort.

Kineo is a Multi Method Assessment

Thanks to a user-friendly and easy interface, Kineo permits to make a complete and precise functional assessment of the subject both in a sports and rehabilitation framework. 
New: assessing the maximum eccentric strength totally safely is also possible now.

- Power test / Progressive Load
- Concentric Max Strength Test
- Concentric Max Strength Balance Test
- Eccentric Max Strength Test
- Eccentric Max Strength Balance Test

- Max Strength Test
- Isokinetic Balance Test

- Max Strength Test
- Isometric Balance Test


Kineo is the first robotic Multi Method and Multi Station Machine

Kineo is the first ergonomic multitasking platform permitting to differentiate muscle workout in an extremely precise and effective way:

6 Different Rehab and Training Methods:
- Isotonic,
- Isometric,
- Isokinetic,
- Elastic, 
- Viscous, 
- Variable Load.

5 Different Rehab and Training Stations:
- Leg Extension,
- Leg Curl, 
- Squat,
- Pulley
- Run. 


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