Viscous Method

Water workout is universally recognized as the most appropriate method for prevention and functional rehabilitation, because the load adapts exactly to the real strength of the subject. 

 Kineo Viscous Rehab Training


The Water Viscous method, which can be considered as the most innovative, uses the principle of water workout and makes it available in a classic workout station.

Indeed, Kineo allows to perform a viscous training in which the actual value of the load is determined by 2 factors that are closely related to each other:

– level of viscosity

– speed of movement during exercise.

Kineo offers the possibility to use 6 levels of viscosity simulating a workout in various fluids such as water, oil, honey, etc., which correspond to different levels of muscular effort. 

Instead, the innovative Kineo system uses a motor and an electronic management system to generate a load that acts exactly like traditional weight but in total control of movement parameters.




The Kineo Innovation in the Viscous Method



Stabilization of the Joints 

One of the most important applications of the Water Viscous method is the work for the stabilization of the joints, especially the knee joint, because the progressive increase in the viscous load involves the individual muscle groups according to physiologically correct models.

Leg Curl  Viscous Training          Pully Viscous Training          Leg extension Viscous Training


Pain Prevention 

In rehabilitation, the use of a viscous load, which varies according to the speed of movement, allows the subject to avoid pain during the activity and proceed to a more rapid and effective functional recovery. 

Supramaximal Eccentric Training 

An application of the Water Viscous method that is specific for sport is the supramaximal eccentric training. It is possible to train athletes with very high eccentric loads and in in total safety: if the subject cannot go as quick as the set speed in the eccentric phase, the viscosity of the load reduces the load to a safe level.

Kineo 2Kineo 3Kineo 4


Other Features 

– The load increases or decreases depending on the speed of movement and level of viscosity; 

– The speed is not constant but it depends on the level of applied force; 

– When the movement stops, the load is immediately set to zero (maximum safety for the subject) 

– Biphasic Load: you can independently configure the level of viscosity in the concentric and eccentric phases; 

– Unlike other methods, the progressive increase in the load according to the speed allows the subject to use a load that always respects his/her neuromuscular condition and prevents pain;











Comparison Table 

   KINEO Intelligent Load   Water Workout ( pool )
Levels of viscosity 6 NO
BIPHASIC LOAD - differentiated in concentric and eccentric phases YES NO
Control of the parameters: Strength, Speed, Power YES NO
Visual Feedback YES NO
Training (programming) YES NO
Test (programming) YES NO
Test (programming) YES NO
Training Report Analysis YES NO
Charts and Curves YES NO



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